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Functionality and design

Combining the useful with the beautiful matters a lot to anyone deciding to become a potter or ceramics designer. He/she intends to manufacture with his hands something he has brought to existence with his/her imagination and creative impulse.

Tradition and future

Everywhere in the world and for thousands of years man has made utensils/consumer items/everyday objects and works of art from clay and mud. The town of Landshut in Lower Bavaria has always been a centre of this old craft. Due to prolific deposits potters and ceramists have always settled and worked in its region.

With its three kinds of school the Keramikschule Landshut (government approved school of ceramics) has kept this tradition alive.

At the Berufsfachschule (vocational and training college) students are trained to become a ceramist in all-day courses.

The Berufsschule (vocational school for apprentices) is attended by apprentices from all over Bavaria at certain periods of time.

At the Meisterschule (training college) journeymen/trained craftsmen are trained to become master-ceramists and a ceramics designers (both government-approved) in all-day courses.

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