Berufsfachschule ceramics

(all-day college and vocational school)

The Berufsfachschule Landshut is unique throughout Germany.

For three years students are trained in all aspects of this craft in all-day courses.
From throwing to structural cermics to building models - everything is part of the curriculum/lessons.

Theories and manual skills are conveyed as well as basics in art and design. There is a special emphasis on developing and promoting each student's creativity. So you can say, students of Berufsfachschule receive a wide education making possible / starting/opening a career to occupations in crafts, engineering and design. Anyone interested in these courses should like and be capable of working with his/her hands and possess talents and skills in designing and creating things as well as an understanding of technological conditions. The certificate is tantamaount/equivalent to the Articles of a Journeyman and therefore the foundation of a possible continuation of the training to become a state-approved ceramics designer and master craftsman/-woman.

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