General information Berufsfachschule ceramics

(all-day college and vocational school)

Entry conditions
Students wishing to enter must provide a Quali (Certif. Of Elememtary Education, advanced) or a comparable certificate. Skills in craftmanship and the arts are further prerequisites.
Dead-line for entries: Mar 31st

Getting to know you
Each applicant will be asked to take part in an entry test. Before being admitted applicants must provide the following documents:

A folder with drawings and/or photos of objects and works of art and crafts made by the applicant, the recent school report, CV, passport photo/portrait.
On the day of the entry test, you can have a look around theschool-premises and learn more about your future training.

Additional information:
The results of the entry-test will be evaluated and then a decision will be made whether the applicant is taken on or not. In order to be finally admitted to Berufsfachschule the student must pass a test period i.e. the first half-year.

No fees are charged. Students must bring their own tools, working clothes, and writing material, clay etc. is provided by the school. Students can apply for government grants. Information on that is available at the Arbeitsamt (Labour Exchange) and at the town and county council.

Mittlere Reife (GCSE -o-level)
Students can pass the GCSE -o-level (Mittlere Reife) by qualifying at the Berufsfachschule. By getting a grade of 2.5 or lower and a grade of 3 in English students gain a qualification corresponding a GCSE -o-level

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